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Frau Christine Cramm BUND Bremen übergibt Rolf Treusch die Urkunde „Orte der biologischen Vielfalt“


Place of biodiversity In the summer of 2020, BUND Bremen, together with the “Umwelt Unternehmen” office, awarded us the “Orte der biologischen Vielfalt” (“Places of Biodiversity”) distinction.

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14. Februar 2000 Gründung von ROTEK


Foundation of ROTEK In 2000, the Treusch family founded the ROTEK company and took over Hasselbach & Kausch Elektrokleinmotoren GmbH. Paul Hasselbach manufactured a versatile program of synchronous motors and gearboxes since 1984.

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Energiesparmotor ROSYNC mit Schneckengetriebe


Development of ROSYNC ROTEK continues this tradition and is constantly expanding the product program. In doing so, ROTEK focuses on the development of particularly efficient small motors. In 2008, the ROSYNC with GreenDrive Technology goes into series production and wins the ‘preis umwelt unternehmen: Northwest 2009`. It is our contribution to climate protection and the

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Preisverleihung 2010 "Preis Umwelt Unternehmen NordWest"


ROSYNC energy-saving motor wins environmental award February 16, 2010 ROTEK received in the Bremen Schauspielhaus the ‘preis umwelt unternehmen: Northwest 2009’.

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ROTEK 15th anniversary


15 years of ROTEK On February 14, 2015, the ROTEK team celebrated their fifteenth anniversary. In 2000, the Treusch family founded the ROTEK company and took over Hasselbach & Kausch Elektrokleinmotoren GmbH.

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Award for small and medium-sized companies 2018


Finalist at the award ceremony for medium-sized companies On May 9, Rolf, Klaus, and Wildfried received a certificate in Bremerhaven from Detlef Kahrs of the Oskar Patzelt Foundation for achieving a spot on the “jury list”.

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HuK Logo


Foundation of Hasselbach and Kausch Paul Hasselbach manufactured a versatile range of synchronous motors and gearboxes since 1984.

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Automation award for Energy-saving motor ROSYNC


Automation Award With the energy-saving motor ROSYNC, ROTEK competed for the Automation Award at the SPS trade fair and placed in the top ten.

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Contract with SPG at Hannover fair HMI 2003


Contract with SPG On April 9, 2003 at the Hannover Fair, Klaus, Rolf and Wilfried Treusch signed the contract with SPG Korea. Rotek is general agency for SPG standard AC and DC small motors (3-300 W) in Germany and Austria.

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Hasske und Meermann Antriebstechnik wird 2013 Vertriebspartner von ROTEK


Sales area expanded In spring 2013, we were able to add Hasske und Meermann Antriebstechnik as a sales partner. They are responsible for our customers from the regions of North Rhine-Westphalia and parts of Rhineland-Palatinate.

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