Synchronous motor ROBASE with spur gear, planetary gear and worm gear


Drive unit consisting of motor and gearbox

We offer a wide range of drive solutions consisting of a motor and gear unit. They are all based on the synchronous motors of the Rotek modular system and its components. It offers countless variation options. This allows us to configure the exact drive for you that is ideal for your application. You can also use our configurator to put together your own drive solution.

We specialize in the production of geared motors in small and medium series. All motors have a diameter of 65 mm and the same external design. This means they can be combined with any component from this modular system.

our gears

Synchronous motor ROBASE with spur gear

Spur gears

max. torque 6 – 13 Nm
gear ratio i = 5:1 – 1.333:1
output shaft – 12 mm
for motors up to 30 W

Synchronous motor ROBASE with planetary gear

Planetary gears

max. torque 3 – 50 Nm
gear ratio i = 4:1 – 308:1
output shaft 8 – 14 mm
for motors up to 100 W

Synchronous motor ROBASE with worm gear

Worm gears

max. torque 5 – 12 Nm
gear ratio i = 2,5:1 – 100:1
axle spacing 31 mm
for motors up to 50 W (opt. 100 W)

Our motors

synchronous motors

Synchronous motor ROBASE

energy-saving motors

Energy-saving motor ROSYNC

low-noise motors

Low-noise motor ROSLYDE



stainless steel motors

Stainless steel motor ROTECT

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