Wider choice of gearboxes

Worm gears by Ruhrgetriebe extend the modular system

In order to expand the existing modular systems with new worm gears, ROTEK is now working together with Ruhrgetriebe. This gives us another experienced partner, who fits in perfectly with our business philosophy and combines flexibility with a high level of quality.

synchronous motor ROBASE with worm gear t and holow shaft
Synchronous motor ROBASE with worm gear T and hollow shaft

The structurally-identical worm gear “SN18” from Ruhrgetriebe will replace the Rotek built „S“ type. The series itself retains the standard Rotek type names.

Further advantages of the cooperation are: Smaller worm gears, as shown in the photo in combination with a ROSYNC motor, along with many new versions are now also available.

The range of available speed ratios has increased and there are also designs with a hollow shaft.

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