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Award for ROTEK

Environmentally friendly and sustainable management has always been an important consideration at Rotek. We pay strict attention to low energy consumption, economical use of materials, and a long service life for our drives. In this way, we minimize the environmental impact throughout the entire life cycle.

We have redesigned our company grounds to be animal and insect friendly because we want to do something to counteract the dwindling biodiversity and increasing soil sealing. Native plants serve bees, butterflies, birds, and other animals as a habitat and food source.

After consulting with BUND, we had a wildflower meadow planted behind the building as a first step. Five apple trees, some shrubs, and ground cover were also  planted there. In front of our company building there are now perennials such as catmint, evening primrose, and other plants that provide food for insects.

Wildflowers on our company grounds. Photo ©PUU_Bahlo

In the summer of 2020, BUND Bremen, together with the “Umwelt Unternehmen” office, awarded us the “Orte der biologischen Vielfalt” (“Places of Biodiversity”) distinction.

Presentation of the certificate by Christine Cramm, Photo ©PUU_Bahlo

On the occasion of the award, Christine Cramm, Chairwoman of the Bremen branch of BUND, was impressed by the near-natural exterior design: “We congratulate ROTEK on its exemplary ecological commitment and are pleased to award it the title of ‘Place of Biodiversity’! Particularly in industrial parks like this one, there is great potential for improving ecological diversity. Much can be achieved for an intact nature by unsealing areas and insect-friendly planting. Urban greenery in particular is necessary and of central importance when it comes to sustainable urban development and the preservation of biodiversity.”

For Managing Director, Rolf Treusch, the commitment to more biodiversity in the commercial environment is a must.

The protection of the environment and nature is intrinsically written into the company philosophy: “We already have beehives on our hall roof, so it is only logical to set up habitats and retreats for birds, insects, and small animals all over the company premises. In this way, we are also owning up to our social responsibility to people and the environment.”

Beehives on the building of ROTEK, Photo ©PUU_Bahlo

Member of the „Partnerschaft Umweltunternehmen“
Since May 2008 ROTEK is a member of this network (‚Partnerschaft Umwelt Unternehmen’). It was founded in Bremen in 2003 and aims to further expand the pioneering role of the state of Bremen in sustainable environmental protection with an association of environmentally active companies. Good ideas and suggestions are generated through exchange with others.

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