Rosync with an electromagnetic brake

No extra electrical connection necessary

For the benefit of highly smooth operation and efficiency, the normal self-holding torque of the synchronous motors is widely omitted in the development of the ROSYNC when there is no power supply.

Rosync with electromagnetic brake

As there are also applications where locking torque is not desired, ROTEK has now developed a magnetic brake for it.

Its advantage compared to electrical and mechanical brakes is the complete absence of wear and tear and its reliability. Additionally no extra electrical connection is necessary for the brakes. It has the same diameter as the motor and is thereby only 22mm longer. This is another advantage if only limited installation space is available.

Its holding torque is 6 Ncm. With gear motors the holding torque is increased considerably depending on the selected transmission.

Even pricewise this solution is good value, because it is generated from the ROTEK modular construction system. The brake is available for all ROSYNC models with a side lead design (no terminal box).

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