Food for the bees

We pay strict attention to low energy consumption, economical use of materials and a long service life for our drives. In this way, we minimize environmental impact throughout the entire life cycle.

So it is only logical that we also design our working environment to meet these requirements. Since September 2018, we have provided a home for two bee colonies on our hall roof. The 120,000 bees are cared for by Bremerhaven’s city beekeeper Andreas Bredehorn.

In doing so, we continue a tradition of the company’s founding family. Grandfather Wilhem Treusch already had four beehives in his apiary in Überau.

Native plants serve as a habitat and food source for bees, butterflies, birds and other animals. Following advice from BUND, we had a wildflower meadow and apple trees planted behind the building as a first step. Additionally, in front of our company building there are now perennials such as catmint, evening primrose, and other plants that provide food for insects.

In the summer of 2020, BUND Bremen, together with the “Umwelt Unternehmen” office, awarded us the “Orte der biologischen Vielfalt” (“Places of Biodiversity”) distinction.

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