How-to-video motor configurator

Motor configurator simplifies drive selection

A customer is looking for a drive solution with at least 5 Nm within a torque range of 15 to 40 U/min. A standart home connection with 1~230 V is available.

It is recommended to limit the search area of the torque upwards in order not to dimension the drive bigger than necessary.

How the configurator works
  • The two ROBASE spur gear configurations ROBASE 86.2-G33,3 and ROBASE 86.2-V33,3 are particularly long-lasting and inexpensive. The gear types G, V and W differ in the maximum permitted torque.
  • The ROSLYDE motor gear variations are especially suitable in applications where the highest demands are made to smoothness.
  • A ROSYNC motor is the best recommendation if importance is attached to highest efficiency and low power consumption. The shown ROSYNC 84.2-S55 is a configuration with worm gear. It is used when a deflected force by 90° is needed.

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