The perfect match

ROSYNC motors and ROTEK planetary gears

Ideally, They can be combined with the new energy saving engines of the ROSYNC range and thereby form a highly-efficient and compact drive unit for the highest demands.

Rosync with planetary gear

Due to the simultaneous intervention of each of the three planetary gears per level, high amounts of force can be transferred to the smallest area. The gears are available in the sizes 42mm, 52mm and 62mm.

Gear ratios of up to 308:1 and drive torque of up to 50Nm are possible. The gears can be overloaded by up to 50 percent for a short period. A further plus point is the optimum power density under long-term load capacity.

For fields of application where interfering operating noise is not desired, they are also available in an especially quiet design. At the request of the customer all planetary gears can be supplied with special shafts and flanges, special lubrication and IP53 protection.

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