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Dear Customers,

the first months of the year have expired and there are some new and interested informations. We hope you will enjoy reading.

New distribution company in southern Germany

We have optimized our distribution structure and founded with our partners ebeTEC (Austria) and IPC s.r.l. (Italy) the new distribution company inMotion. The company aims to supply energy-efficient electric drive technology directly to industrial and commercial customers in southern Germany.

InMotion distributes an extensive range of modern electric motors (multiphase motors, BLDC, synchronous and asynchronous motors, linear drives, shaded-pole motors and many gear variants from the three owner companies Rotek, ebeTEC and International Power Components (IPC).

Jürgen Streif took over the management of inMotion and supports customers in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. He is a graduate electrical engineer and a skilled manager with long-standing experience and success in the industrial sector. The registered office of inMotion is in Augsburg.

"Integrated electronics increase flexibility", Coverstory Konstruktionspraxis 12/2014

The Raven is considered to be one of the most
intelligent animals - For Rotek, it therefore
represents the intelligence of the new Romotion motors with integrated electronics.

The heart of the Romotion is the powerful three-phase synchronous motor from Rotek´s modular system. The integrated control electronics with SmartDrive Technology allows for sensorless operation by eliminating the need for the otherwise necessary Hall sensors...

Here you can read the article

Konstruktionspraxis 12/14 Romotion

15th Rotek Anniversary

The Rotek team celebrated an anniversary on 14 February again. To mark the company's 15th anniversary there was a delicious cake that also looked good. The employees and management built up their strength with brunch at a champagne reception and celebrated the event in style.

After the foundation of Rotek in the year 2000 followed in 2005 and 2007 expanded facilities. And we constantly expand and renew our range of machines.

Successful product developments are the Rosync, winner of the award `preis umwelt unternehmen nordwest: 2009´, and the low-noise motor Roslyde. Last year the EC-motor Romotion was launched on the market during the SPS ipc drives in November.

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