Rotek Motors

SPS IPC Drives 2017

Interview in German with Rolf Treusch about trends on the market of drive technology:
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Award for innovative motor

Rotek wins with the Romotion the 3rd place in the “Schütting-Prize for Innovations in SMEs”.
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ROMOTION is part of industry 4.0. Editor in chief of >ke NEXT TV< visited Rotek. The video in German  »» on youtube:

The ROMOTION EC drive with SmartDrive Technology combines intelligence, flexibility and communicative skills. The brushless DC motor integrates the control electronics in the drive.
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SmoothDrive Technology ensures low-vibration and low-noise operation, allowing our ROSLYDE motors to satisfy the most exacting requirements for smooth running
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ROSYNC motors offer maximum performance coupled with low power consumption. The secret of their great efficiency lies in the GreenDrive Technology, which ensure outstanding efficiency.
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Our ROBASE motors form the foundation of our unique modular system, which offers the greatest available range of customisation options
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The perfect interaction between the transmission and our motor produces a highly compact drive unit. Robust and reliable with long life, even in heavy-duty industrial environments.
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ROTEK Motors: Spur Geared Motors


ROTEK planetary gear transmissions feature excellent performance-to-size ratio and durability under long-term loads. Combined with ROSLYDE motors the low-noise variant offers a particularly smooth-running drive unit.
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ROTEK Motors: Planetary Geared Motors


ROTEK motors with worm gear transmissions are used to deflect forces by 90° on space grounds or wherever a second shaft end is needed.
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ROTEK Motors: Worm Geared Motors


Our three flat-gear series in combination with ROTEK motors meet a great variety of requirements. They are available with many different options.
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