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Hopefully you had a great holiday and a chance to relax. The next trade fairs are just around the corner and we will exhibit as usual on stand 240 in hall 1 at SPS in Nuremberg.

We also have some news since our last newsletter. We hope you enjoy reading this!

25 years at Rotek

We are delighted that Peter Adu-Gyamfi has been able to celebrate 25 years of service. We would like to thank him for his loyalty to Rotek, his hard work and commitment and his reliability.

He is an important pillar of the company and always puts us in a good mood and provides a pleasant working atmosphere with his positive attitude.

He began his training as an electrical machine fitter on 1 August 1994 and has remained loyal to the company up to this day. He works on gear assembly and final testing and is 44 years old.

In his free time, he was a competitive footballer for many years and still does a lot of sport now in a fitness studio.

He lives with his family at his home in Bremerhaven.

From the left: Rolf Treusch, Peter Adu-Gyamfi and Klaus Treusch

Rotek Motoren provides for aromatic coffee

The Dutch company Giesen produces high-quality handmade coffee roasters.

Many factors come into play when it comes to producing aromatic coffee from green coffee beans. Experienced master roasters know their bean varieties inside out and select appropriate parameters for the roasting process.

The right cooling is important after the roasting process. The roasting process must be ended abruptly once the optimum roasting time for the coffee has been reached. The coffee is rapidly cooled down to temperatures below 40 degrees Celsius, thus ending the roasting process.

In the Giesen coffee roasters, a Robase motor with spur gears is used as the drive for the agitator finger and a Romotion with low-cost electronics is used as a fan motor, providing an optimal airflow.

Food for bees

This year we have started to make our company premises animal-friendly and blend in with nature.

The first step was a wild flower meadow behind the building. It now needs to grow. We will also soon plant four apple trees in it. In the front of the building there are now shrubs like catnip, evening primrose and others that provide food for insects.

Some shrubs, another apple tree and ground cover will be added in the autumn.

More information on "Places of Biological Diversity" can be found here >>

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