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We have adapted the appearance of our newsletter in line with the new ROTEK image and there's even more news elsewhere. It's not long now till SPS/IPC/drives exhibition and, once again, we'll be showcasing a new motor series there. Prepare to be surprised!

André Holz joined our Technical Sales team on 1 March 2014. He is a qualified electrical technician and was in the Navy for eight years where he served as Electrical Engineering Petty Officer on a submarine and as Section Leader on a landing craft before attending the Technical College in Bremen. He is 30 years old and has a daughter.

The state-certified technician , who specialises in process automation/energy generation, loves to take part in sport in his spare time. He is a member of a "Bossel club”, (north European ball throwing game), and also takes part in competitions. "Bosseln" is a sport widely played in the Northern German coastal region although other versions are played throughout Europe.
More about "Bosseln" at wikipedia

"Quiet Please! Low-noise engines open up new design horizons to engineers," according to an article published in Zulieferermarkt special issue 1/2014 on Drive Technology

Apart from their mechanical quality, the operating noise of small electric engines used for a variety of different drive tasks, is often a key selection criterion. One way to minimise noise is to lower the cogging torque, characteristic of synchronous motors, by reducing the effect of the alternating magnetic fields ...




Zuliefermarkt Sonderheft 1/14 Antriebstechnik

30 years of synchronous engine construction in Bremerhaven

We have been building modular synchronous engines in Bremerhaven since 10 July 1984, first by Hasselbach & Kausch and then by Rotek since 2000. This anniversary was celebrated by Rotek on 11 July 2014 with a barbecue feast at the Coloradostrasse site.

Also three of our employees celebrate their anniversary this year: Peter Adu-Gyamfi, who has worked for Rotek since 20 years and Andreas Fech and Eugen Jakobi, both of them since 10 years.

Mr. Hasselbach told many interested listeners about the early days of the company. The weather was also kind to us and everyone enjoyed the relaxing end to the week.

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