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Here we introduce you in the commissioning of the BLDC-motor Romotion.

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Rotect Motor on SPS IPC Drives 2019 in Nuremberg

On the SPS IPC Drives 2019 in Nuremberg we introduce our stainless steel motor ROTECT. Rolf Treusch eexplains the benefits and features of the new motor at Konradin Industrie TV on the fair.

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SPS IPC drives 2017 - TRends

Interview with Rolf Treusch on the booth of the publishing company Konradin about the trends in drive technology.

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ke-NEXT TVke-next TV visited Rotek

2016 ke-NEXT TV visited ROTEK in Bremerhaven. On this occasion Chefredakteur Wolfgang Kräußlich stated, that a dose of industry 4.0 is part of the connectable BLDC-motors Romotion.

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Innovations in SMEs

With an intelligent drive technologyRotek from Bremerhaven took 3rd place in the “Schütting-Prize for Innovations in SMEs” of the Bremen Chamber of Commerce. This video shows the winner and their projects.

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market launch of Romotion

Intelligent and connectable: In November 2014 the Romotion BLDC-drives were successfully launched on the market.

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award umwelt unternehmen nordwest 2009

In February 2010 the seven finalists were introduced with this video. Rotek won the „award umwelt unternehmen nordwest 2009“ on 16th of February 2010.

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