Our motors offer optimum functionality, excellent lifetime performance, and an outstanding performance to scale ratio. Special magnetic rotors are the major difference to conventional capacitor and three phase motors. This technology has a number of benefits:

> high degree of efficiency
> constant speed
> self-holding torque
> extremely short start-up and stopping times

An extremely high performance to size ratio keeps our motors very compact, supporting application where space is at a premium. At the same time, our motors are characterized by low power consumption.

The speed depends only on the mains frequency, and is not influenced by voltage or load fluctuations. This constant speed is a big advantage in applications where a constant volume flow is desirable, or where a defined distance has to be covered within a specific time.

When the motor is switched off, the magnetic rotor immediately stops and keeps it position in the stator. This self-holding torque can replace a brake in many applications. Due to extremely short start-up/stop delays (50-100 ms), our motors are perfect for cyclical operations, such as labelling.