In 2000 the Treusch family founded ROTEK and took over Hasselbach & Kausch Elektrokleinmotoren GmbH. Paul Hasselbach had been producing a diverse range of synchronous motors and drives since 1984.

ROTEK is continuing this tradition and constantly expands its range of products. In doing so ROTEK focuses on the development of very efficient small motors. In 2008 production started on ROSYNC motors with GreenDrive technology, which won the ´preis umwelt unternehmen Nordwest 2009` award. It is our contribution to climate protection and the sustainable use of resources.

In the future we will also continue to work on the development of innovative solutions, so that our customers can be successful in their markets. We are aware of our responsibility to society and the environment.

Today ROTEK already has a successful presence in over twenty countries in Europe, Asia and Africa with its distribution partners. As a family company we concentrate on long-term thinking and reliability.