Schütting-Prize for Innovations


Rotek from Bremerhaven took 3rd place in the “Schütting-Prize for Innovations in SMEs” of the Bremen Chamber of Commerce with an intelligent drive technology. During an awards ceremony on 27 September 2016, Harald Emigholz, the President of the Chamber of Industry Commerce for Bremen and Bremerhaven, presented the prize, endowed with 2500 euros, to Wilfried and Rolf Treusch.

When networked machines take control of large areas in manufacturing, this places new demands on the drive technology. Rotek developed an intelligent motor for just this purpose. It is called Romotion and offers extensive functions: the drive can be networked and can also react independently to sensor signals from its environment. It controls complex process flows and communicates with higher level control systems, or even makes these superfluous. It can be adjusted and put into operation very easily with a Windows program. This can also be used to monitor its status. Once very important advantage: Common drive solutions up to now also require sensors in the motor. The Romotion is so intelligent that it can work without sensors. This makes it more compact and less expensive. Important modern safety functions are integrated directly in the drive and protect the service personnel during plant maintenance. Its adaptability and flexibility mean that it can also cope with complex drive tasks. It is therefore ideal for use in unmanned transport systems of the kind that are becoming increasingly popular in warehouse and manufacturing logistics.

Since 1988 the Schütting-Prize honours products, processes or business-oriented services that display a high level of innovation and have already proven themselves on the market.

More about the award here: ’Schütting-Preis für Innovation im Mittelstand