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Romotion and SPG flat gears form a compact and heavy-duty solution

Several years ago our partner SPG launched an excellent series of flat gears, which form a compact and heavy-duty solution together with our Romotion motors and are particularly suitable for applications in intralogistics or industrial automation.

BLDC motor Romotion with SPG flat gear

The smaller FA series is designed for a continuous torque of 50 Nm, with the transmission ratios of the 3-4 stage gears ranging from 43:1 to 905:1.

The more powerful FB series is designed for twice the torque of 100 Nm, with the 3-stage gears available with transmission ratios of 21:1 to 306:1.

Hollow shafts with diameters of 17 or 20 mm and solid shafts of up to 28 mm are possible.

The gears have an IP54 rating, have full ball bearings and offer a wide range of available transmission ratios.

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