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October 2019: Rotek at SPS in Nuremberg

Rotek will join the SPS IPC Drives from 26.-28.11.2019 in Nuremberg as usual on stand 240 in hall 1.

On 50 square meters Rotek from Bremerhaven and Feinwerktechnik from Geising in Germany und Sung Shin Precision Geared Motors from Korea (SPG) will present a wide range of customized drive solutions.

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September 2019: Rotek Motoren provides for aromatic coffee

The Dutch company Giesen produces high-quality handmade coffee roasters.

Many factors come into play when it comes to producing aromatic coffee from green coffee beans. Experienced master roasters know their bean varieties inside out and select appropriate parameters for the roasting process.

The right cooling is important after the roasting process. The roasting process must be ended abruptly once the optimum roasting time for the coffee has been reached. The coffee is rapidly cooled down to temperatures below 40 degrees Celsius, thus ending the roasting process.

In the Giesen coffee roasters, a Robase motor with spur gears is used as the drive for the agitator finger and a Romotion with low-cost electronics is used as a fan motor, providing an optimal airflow.

August 2019: 25 years at Rotek

We are delighted that Peter Adu-Gyamfi has been able to celebrate 25 years of service. We would like to thank him for his loyalty to Rotek, his hard work and commitment and his reliability.

He is an important pillar of the company and always puts us in a good mood and provides a pleasant working atmosphere with his positive attitude.

He began his training as an electrical machine fitter on 1 August 1994 and has remained loyal to the company up to this day. He works on gear assembly and final testing and is 44 years old.

July 2019: Food for bees

This year we have started to make our company premises animal-friendly and blend in with nature.

The first step was a wild flower meadow behind the building. It now needs to grow. We will also soon plant four apple trees in it. In the front of the building there are now shrubs like catnip, evening primrose and others that provide food for insects.

Some shrubs, another apple tree and ground cover will be added in the autumn.

More information on “Places of Biological Diversity” can be found here >>

February 2019: New employee in accounting

Ulrike Blank has been responsible for the accounting and purchasing in our company since the middle of February 2018. She is an office administrator, 32 years old and has a five-year old daughter. She grew up in Voerde am Niederrhein, but love brought her to Bremerhaven in 2011.

She has also completed a Bachelor of Engineering degree in open space planning and worked for a landscape architecture firm until the birth of her daughter. This profession combines aesthetic and artistic elements with scientific, technical and economic aspects.

November 2018: Impressions from SPS

SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg was very successful for Rotek and we met a lot of friendly and interesting people on our booth. Like every year, the trade fair was a meeting point for the industry and offered a good overview of future developments.

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September 2018: 120 000 new employees

Bees are not only important in terms of honey and other bee products. Together with other insects they are pollinating our useful plants and wild plants. But the total number of beehives decreases. As a result, we set up bee hives on our factory roof. The beekeeper of Bremerhaven Andreas Bredehorn provides them ( Now we have original Rotek honey.  It is also gratifying that we continue a Treusch family tradition. Our grandfather Wilhem Treusch had four beehives in his beekeeping in Überau.

August 2018: Rotek offers a substitute for Berger Lahr RSM synchronous motors

Following the takeover of the drive specialist Berger Lahr by Schneider Electric (now Schneider Electric Motion Germany) in 2000, its focus has gradually shifted. Now it will stop production of the larger, so-called packaged synchronous motors in the RSM 828/3 to 884/4 series.

Rotek has suitable drives for customers who are looking for a virtually identical substitute. The reversible synchronous motors (RSM) from Schneider Electric correspond to the following Robase models:

828/3 = Robase 36
842/3 = Robase 46
856/3 = Robase 66
884/3 = Robase 86

The G gears from Schneider Electric (Berger Lahr) correspond to the G gears from Rotek. If a particularly energy-efficient or smooth-running motor is required, a Rosync or Roslyde can be used instead of the Robase.

Januar 2018: Rotek is setting up a warehouse in Bremerhaven with SPG motors

There is a change in the trade goods business unit.

We were looking for a solution to be able to continue to supply our regular customers after the Korean motor manufacturer SPG shut down their European headquarters in Amsterdam.

We have now set up an extensive warehouse with SPG products in Bremerhaven with the help of a local logistics partner.

This way, we can continue to offer our contract customers short delivery times.

November 2017: Booth at the SPS

Rotek booth on SPS 2017 The SPS IPC Drives exhibition in Nuremberg was very successful for Rotek and we had a large number of particularly top-quality contacts and discussions.

With our partners Feinwerktechnik and the Italian producers Motek and TEM we show a lot of different customized solutions.

Here you see a video interview with Rolf Treusch about the trends and developments in drive technology:

October 2017:Rotek trains a mechatronics technician

mechatronics technicianNetworked production place new demands on our  employees.

After industrial mechanic successfully completed their training in our company, we are training a mechatronics technician for the first time this year.

Dennis Giesges was born in Bremerhaven and is 25 years old. He   is very interested in anything that has to do with technology.

Having completed his training as an IT management assistant, he  gained experience in this field  and has been working in his parents’ craft business in his spare time for many years

September 2016: 3rd place for innovative motor

Rotek from Bremerhaven took 3rd place in the “Schütting-Prize for Innovations in SMEs” of the Bremen Chamber of Commerce with an intelligent drive technology. During an awards ceremony on 27 September 2016, Harald Emigholz, the President of the Chamber of Industry Commerce for Bremen and Bremerhaven, presented the prize, endowed with 2500 euros, to Wilfried and Rolf Treusch. The Schütting-Prize honours products, processes or business-oriented services that display a high level of innovation and have already proven themselves on the market.

August 2016: SPS IPC Drives – Rotek in Hall 1

SPS_2016_LOGO_Schwarz_250_100On a new location in hall 1 and with a larger stand Rotek will join the SPS IPC Drives from 22.-24.11.2016. On 110 square meters Rotek and Feinwerktechnik from Germany, H & S Kabeltechnik from Austria and the italian Companies Motek, MecVel and TEM will present a wide range of customized drive solutions.
Hall 1-620

February 2015: Rotek celebrated its 15th company anniversary

The Rotek team celebrated an anniversary on 14 February again. To mark the company’s 15th anniversary there was a delicious cake that also looked good. It was really tough to make the first cut. The employees and management built up their strength with brunch at a champagne reception and celebrated the event in style.

The old and young celebrated the successes of recent years because there are always new product developments at Rotek. Just last year, the company was able to launch the integrated Romotion EC drive onto the market – and winning the “preis umwelt unternehmen: Nordwest 2009” award is still fresh in all our minds.

August 2014: Rotek sets up the distribution company inMotion with two European partners

Bremerhaven-based Rotek and its partners ebeTEC (Austria) and IPC s.r.l. (Italy) signed the contract to found the company on 1 August 2014 in Bremerhaven. The new distribution company is called inMotion and aims to supply energy-efficient electric drive technology directly to industrial and commercial customers in southern Germany.

InMotion distributes an extensive range of modern electric motors (multiphase motors, BLDC, synchronous and asynchronous motors, linear drives, shaded-pole motors and many gear variants from the three owner companies Rotek, ebeTEC and International Power Components (IPC). Their motor and drive solutions are used in all imaginable areas of apparatus and mechanical engineering, particularly in biomass heating technology. InMotion has access to reliable products and a very high level of problem-solving expertise for individual customer projects. Rotek, ebeTEC and IPC want to develop the German market more intensively in this way. The company headquarters of inMotion are in Augsburg.

November 2013: Rotek presents on the SPS/IPC/drives the new low-noise motor ROSLYDE

With this new very smooth running low-noise motor Rotek creates a third product line. This opens up a new range of applications besides the ROBASE standard motors and the energy saving ROSYNC motors. Furthermore the manufacturer from Bremerhaven offers new flat gears and special gears.

The trade fair participation was promoted by the EUROPEAN UNION:
„Investing in your future”, European Regional Development Fund

March 2013:
Hasske und Meermann Antriebstechnik advises our customers in the Rhein-Main area

To achieve greater proximity to our customers in the region of North Rhine-Westphalia and parts of Rhineland-Palatinate Hasske und Meermann Antriebstechnik obtained sales rights for the post code areas 4, 5, 32 und 33.

The company with branches in Hilden, Frankfurt and Zwickau operates for decades in the drive technology and represents well known German manufacturers.