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Integrated electronics increase flexibility

Increasingly, the market is demanding that plants and machines operate in a networked manner. This places new demands on drive technology. Rotek has developed the three-phase brushless DC drive ROMOTION to meet these requirements. Available in two versions and generally with integrated control electronics, ROMOTION covers an extended speed range from 400 to 4000 min-1. At 48 V, the motor delivers a continuous output power of 130 W. At its peak, it reaches 200 W. The version for 24 V offers an output power of 110 to 130 W.


The drive can be addressed by means of analog and digital voltage signals. It can be easily set, commissioned and its status monitored using a Windows program. In addition to the inputs for enable, direction of rotation and speed setting, the electronics offers a serial RS-485 Modbus interface and optional CAN bus. It has a modular design and can easily be expanded to include additional functions.

For easy commissioning, the motor can be operated from a control panel. Many common drive solutions also require sensors built into the motor. The motor control of the Romotion operates without sensors. This makes it more compact and less expensive.

When applications require the highest precision and accuracy, the internal encoder rotor bearing detection and A/B-I signal is an option. For this purpose, Rotek offers the installation of high-resolution 14-bit rotary sensors. These are used for commutation so that the motors can also be operated in a controlled manner in the range below 400 min-1.

In addition to standard settings such as speed ranges, ramps and current limits, users can also customize the PID controller according to their requirements. The Romotion shows its strengths where variable speed, but largely independent of torque, low power consumption and long service life are required. It regulates complex process sequences and communicates with higher-level controls or even makes them superfluous. It starts up accurately and delivers high torque as well as good speed control behavior. It is therefore particularly suitable for use in automated guided vehicles, which are becoming increasingly common in warehouse and production logistics.

BLDC motor ROMOTION circuit board

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